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Advantage of Secure Socket Layer.

Secure communication
SSL makes your communications more secure so as to minimize the possibility of important information stolen by spy or hackers easily.
Encrypt your data
Spy may be able to copy your data that is sent, but not able to read what is the information you send.
SSl can make you trusted by your customer.
Online Shop
Increase your customer confidence to transaction on your online shop.


Support 99,3% browser.
30-day Money back guarantee.
Better price guarantee. We will send you promo coupon if you find lower price than us.
Fast Issuance.

Validation of SSL Certificate just need 5 minutes.

24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection.
25/7 friendly support.
Free SSl installation in our shared hosting environment.



  • Comodo Positive Free
    Free Comodo Positive For 3 months
  • Comodo Positive
    Cheap SSL for personal.
  • Comodo Essential SSL
    Cheap for personal use. Free Site Seal
  • Comodo EV SSL
    Good for Company.
  • Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
    One domain with many subdomains.
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
    Cheap SSL from Geotrust.
  • Symantec Safe Site
    Savesite SSL from Symantec.
  • All SSL list
    Check all SSL Prices.

  • 1 Year

  • Rp.70.000
  • Rp. 150.000
  • Rp. 1.400.000
  • Rp. 1.200.000
  • Rp. 700.000
  • Rp. 3.300.000

  • 2 Years

  • Rp. 120.000
  • RP. 250.000
  • Rp. 2.400.000
  • Rp. 1.800.000
  • Rp. 1.200.000
  • Rp. 6.000.000

  • 3 Years

  • Rp. 170.000
  • Rp. 365.000
  • Rp. 2.500.000
  • Rp. 1.700.000
  • Rp. 9.000.000
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