Scan Malware on Cpanel Account

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Virus or malware is a real and serious threat. The virus can take over your Cpanel account at any time without you knowing. At the same time, you can lose your business and livelihood. For that, you must guard against this problem in order to you do not lose your source of income from the internet.

To find viruses that may infiltrate between email, scripts or other files of your website, you can follow the easy steps below:
1. Discover “Virus Scanner” Menu

2. Then select which part you want to scanThere you can choose the part of public FTPweb Public spaceMail and Home directory.
Scaning cpanel

3. Wait until scanning finish. After that you can find result of scanning on “infected files” section.

Scanning proccess

After find the virus, Clean it and you can sleep soundly.

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